Traditional Ownership Rights

The story starts with the tree, the Adansonia digitata, sometimes called the “tree of life” by the local communities, valued in many areas of daily living from its medicinal and nutritional properties, to rope making and traditional basketry. More recently it has become valued as an important source of income. In the harsh semi-desert environment in one of the world’s poorest areas, the Baobab tree is an important resource, treasured by the people who depend upon it. Over time agreements have been made within the communities regarding the ownership of each tree, with access rights assigned to a family and respected by all.

This project currently involves 1,200 such families, who work in partnership to harvest their fruit and receive in return an income vital for the support of their families. This is especially true during the driest months of the year when the fruit is harvested, a time when there is little other means of income for these rural agricultural communities.

This is ethical and sustainable harvesting at its best!

“After harvesting the fruit the nominated family member, 85% of whom are women and all trained and registered as Organic suppliers, are transported to collection centres where they scoop out the Baobab pulp and receive their payment”

The Ultimate RAW Powder

Unlike other powder superfoods, the Baobab powder is unique in as much as there is virtually no processing involved. Growing in such an arid climate, the pulp of the Baobab fruit is so dry that it falls from the seeds as a ready formed powder. There is absolutely no drying involved, and the only processing is a mechanical separation of this pulp powder from the seed, and then sieving to remove any of the fibers from the husk. This very low level of processing means that there is no loss of nutrients or natural enzymes that can occur when drying foods.

The benefits of


The Baobab fruit (Adansonia digitata) is becoming increasingly recognised for its high nutrient and polyphenol content. Its slightly tart and refreshing taste is thought to be a good flavour enhancer, and combines well with both sweet and savory recipes. This, along with its high pectin content (around 25%) acting as a thickening agent to impart a thick and creamy mouth-feel, makes it an ideal and functional ingredient in many applications from smoothies, juices, ice-creams, yoghurts and sauces to nutrition bars, baked goods and cereals.

A Nutrient Powerhouse

Baobab Powder starts to really stand out when comparing its nutritional content with other foods. From a single fruit 15g of powder is collected. Taking this as an ideal serving size (as it is handed to us by nature), the Baobab powder fulfills a good portion of our daily requirements for many vital nutrients. The tables below help to illustrate this and shows why Baobab is a true Superfood! 

Baobab Nutrition Table

Pre-biotic Activity

Baobab has a notably high dietary fiber content. Roughly half of this fiber content is soluble fibers, and it is these soluble fibers that have been found in studies to have a good pre-biotic effect. It has been shown that the growth of intestinal microflora necessary for good digestion, in particular lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, is stimulated in the presence of these soluble fibers. This means that digestion is improved allowing us to absorb more of the nutrients from our foods. The insoluble portion of the Baobab powder is also important, as this provides the roughage necessary for facilitating the movement through our gastrointestinal tracts.

Glycemic Response

Studies have been conducted on the rich polyphenol content of Baobab Powder, with a specific focus on the effect that this has on reducing the glycemic response when consuming high-starch foods. The study found a significant reduction in the conversion of rapidly digestible starches from white bread into sugars in our blood when consuming this together with Baobab. This stabalising effect is of much interest as a potential for managing blood sugar levels.


If the high level of minerals, vitamins and fiber is not enough, Baobab powder has also been found to be a great source of antioxidants, so vital in our diets for maintaining good health. Reported to contain more antioxidants than cranberries, Baobab is a truly great addition to a healthy diet.


Ethical, Sustainable and Organic!

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Growing in one of the driest and poorest areas of Zimbabwe, the Baobab Tree (Adansonia digitata) is a significant resource for daily life as well as providing an important income for the rural family communities living in this semi-desert environment. Now becoming recognised as the new African Superfood, the Baobab fruit is gaining international acclaim for its wholesome nutrition.


BAOBAB organic powder

Organic Baobab