Organically Grown in New Zealand

New Zealand grown blackcurrants (Ribes nigrum) have gained market success due some unique properties specific to blackcurrants from this region. The climatic conditions in New Zealand’s South Island, where strong UV rays combined with fertile soils and a perfect blend of rainfall and sunlight hours, help to produce berries that are especially antioxidant rich.

Add to this that fact that Superfood Ingredients’ blackcurrants are processed right on the local farms where they are organically grown, means that the berries are harvested at the peak of their ripeness. The processing plant complies to strict health and hygiene rules to produce a top quality product. Processing quickly after harvesting ensures complete freshness, with all the nutritional benefits locked in.

Blackcurrants became an essential fruit for children in the UK during WW2. At this time, imports of citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons and limes, were halted. However, the UK successfully farmed blackcurrants. As a result, children were given blackcurrant juice to boost their vitamin C levels, to compensate for the lack of other immune-boosting fruit.

Maximising Blackcurrants Potential

Blackcurrants are highly perishable when fresh. To maximise the goodness and flavour in a more stable format ready for manufacture, Superfood Ingredient’s Blackcurrants are processed into a range of derivative formats, all with organic certification. Our freeze dried powder and whole berries are perfect for use in applications such as antioxidant boosting smoothies, health snacks or cereal bars. If a water stable fruit is required in baked goods, then our soft dried whole blackcurrants are the ideal solution. Beverages, ice-creams, yoghurts and desserts are also catered for with our blackcurrant juice concentrate and puree.

The benefits of


The many health advantages that blackcurrants have to offer is largely due to the high levels of antioxidants, vitamin C and fatty acids. Blackcurrants have been found to have performance and immune-boosting properties, resulting in their growing traction in the sport and fitness industry.

Performance Enhancing Anthocyanins

Anthocyanins are a type of antioxidant that create the dark purple pigment of blackcurrants. The concentration of anthocyanins found in blackcurrants is more than double that found in blueberries. In fact, these levels surpass those in many other fruits and vegetables.

Scientific studies have proven the efficacy of blackcurrants in improving sports performance. By increasing whole body fat oxidation and improving lactate clearance, blackcurrants can increase speed and post-exercise recovery, making blackcurrants an athlete boosting powerhouse.

Inflammation Fighting

Blackcurrants contain a high amount of Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid that is converted from omega-6. Typical western diets can cause Arachidonic Acid (AA) - a type of omega-6 fatty acid - to be consumed in excess. When too much AA is present in the body, another omega-6, Linoleic Acid (LA), cannot be converted into GLA.

This is important as GLA plays a crucial role in reducing inflammation in the body. A GLA deficiency is suggested to be the root for a host of other issues, including, but not limited to: diabetes, cancer, eczema and premature aging. Blackcurrants are and important source of GLA, a fatty acid that is safe to consume in large quantities.

Potent Source of Vitamin C

Whilst a high vitamin C content is often attributed to oranges, blackcurrants, in fact, have more than 4 times the amount per 100g of fruit. Helping to keep the immune system working efficiently and reducing oxidative stress, vitamin C is an essential nutrient as it cannot be produced by the body. Also taking care of heart health, vitamin C helps to protect against cardiovascular disease.

Working to keep skin looking youthful, vitamin C reduces the likelihood of wrinkles and dryness - visible signs that often signal the aging process. This handy little micronutrient also aids the production of collagen which begins to decline after the age of 30.

Brain Food

Blackcurrants have been shown through research to improve mental performance. A 2015 study found that blackcurrants not only improved concentration, but also mood, helping to ease stress and anxiety.

As well as improving the brain's cognitive ability, blackcurrants are also believed to help to slow down aging of the brain that can occur as we get older. Research points to the polyphenols found in the berries to be responsible for increased mental performance due to their antioxidant properties. 


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Blackcurrants are an antioxidant superfruit, quickly becoming a popular ingredient of choice when it comes to manufacturing sports recovery consumables. This is due to their high natural vitamin C content, impressive anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. All of which support a healthy lifestyle and speed up post-exercise recovery time. Superfood Ingredients’ New Zealand sourced blackcurrants have been scientifically proven to enhance sports performance through reducing physical fatigue and increasing concentration levels.


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