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Blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum), closely related to cranberries and bilberries, were originally found in North America. These days, the demand for this high antioxidant superfood has increased substantially, and blueberries are now cultivated in parts of Europe, Asia, and South America too.

Not only is the blueberry recognised for its impressive health benefits, the nutrient dense food is also sought after for its sweet taste and versatility. Over the last couple of decades blueberries have found their way into a plethora of product launches, from desserts, salad dressings and healthy snacks to yoghurts and juices. As the range of applications increases, the ingredient industry has responded to supply blueberries in formats that attend these new requirements. At Superfood Ingredients we believe that freeze drying the fruit offers the most versatility, since this provides a stability to the fruit without incurring loss to the flavour or the heat sensitive phytochemicals, which are preserved even when shipping to all parts of the globe.

Blueberries played an important role in the food culture of Native Americans. They often dried blueberries in the sun, and used them to flavour stews. It is thought that they also recognised the anti-inflammatory benefits of the high antioxidant superfood. In addition to the fruit, they used the leaves and roots for medicinal purposes.

Superfood Ingredients Blueberry Range

Superfood Ingredients offers a range of blueberry products, the first of which is a Freeze Dried Blueberry Powder which in itself is an extremely versatile natural antioxidant supplement. This widely functional ingredient can be added to smoothies, health snacks and cereal mixes. Freeze Dried Whole or Cut Blueberries are also available, ideal for use in baked goods and cereal bars. Both of these products are made 100% from blueberries. In addition to the freeze dried products, Superfood Ingredients also offers a Blueberry Juice Powder, designed specifically to be soluble in water, and ideal for beverage applications.

The benefits of


Blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum) have anti-inflammatory characteristics, and are packed full of health promoting vitamins and minerals. They contain significant amounts of Vitamin K and manganese, used in blood clotting and maintaining nerve function respectively. Blueberries also hold vitamin C, A and E, which act to limit free radical damage to the body. In addition, Blueberries contain a wide range of flavonoids, perhaps most notably the sub-class called anthocyanins, which boast a number of health benefits.

Health Promoting Anthocyanins

Blueberries are a natural anthocyanin source, the sub-class of flavonoids that give blueberries their characteristic blue colour. Although not a cure in themselves, a diet high in anthocyanins is believed to be linked to a reduced risk of developing certain cancers. Studies have suggested that the anthocyanins can possibly block tumour cells from forming, and defend against cancer-causing free radicals. Blueberries are also an alkaline forming food, helping to maintain an alkaline environment in the body and reduce inflammation, which is thought to reduce the risk of cancer growth.

Good for the Heart

Anthocyanins are also linked with improved heart health. Recent studies seem to suggest that consuming three or more servings a week of blueberries may reduce the risk of heart disease, particularly in women. The anthocyanins are thought to help prevent the build-up of arterial plaque, reducing the risk of a heart attack or angina.

Improved Body Composition

Blueberries are low in terms of their glycemic index, which typically falls between 40 and 53. This means they do not invoke a large insulin response, instead providing a slow release of energy and helping you feel full for longer. Blueberries also contain a relatively small number of total calories per serving, but they still maintain a high nutrient density. A study from the University of Michigan demonstrated that rats that were fed a blueberry-enriched diet had lower triglyceride levels, lower cholesterol, less abdominal fat and improved insulin sensitivity compared to the control group.

Blueberries and Cognitive Function

There is growing evidence to suggest that blueberries can play a role in maintaining the health of the brain. Research has shown that regular consumption of the nutrient dense food can help slow down the onset of object memory loss and other cognitive issues that are associated with old age. Aside from prevention, one study even suggests that in some cases the superfruit can help reverse memory loss.

Urinary Tract Health

Urinary tract infections are often caused by the build-up of harmful colonies of bacteria along the inner lining of the urinary tract. This typically results in inflammation and trouble passing urine, with the potential risk for more serious issues. Like its relative, the cranberry, some of the phytochemicals found in blueberries have been shown to prevent harmful bacteria from attaching to the walls of the bladder, helping to prevent infections. It has also been suggested that the Vitamin C found in the superfruit can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the first place.


Superfood Ingredients supplies its high Antioxidant Blueberry in bulk direct from South America to all parts of the globe. The following wholesale formats are offered:

  1. -Freeze Dried Blueberry Powder in 20kg cartons

  2. -Freeze Dried Whole Blueberries in 12kg cartons

  3. -Freeze Dried Cut Blueberries in 14kg cartons

  4. -Blueberry Juice Powder in 25kg cartons

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Blueberries are increasingly being recognised for the important role they play in a healthy, balanced diet. Results from numerous scientific studies have highlighted the wide range of benefits of this nutrient dense superfruit. Although small in stature, the humble blueberry is packed full of health-promoting phytochemicals, giving it one of the highest antioxidant values of any food. Blueberries are also a natural anthocyanin source, a flavonoid that is widely known for its disease-fighting properties.


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