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It is no surprise that chocolate has met with world wide success. Given the plethora of studies analysing the health benefits provided by the flavanoids contained naturally within the cacao bean, combined with its rich and full flavour, this is really an ingredient for healthy indulgence at its best.

Cacao is not naturally high in sugar (typically < 0.5%). It is the sugars added that is the problem. Our 100% chocolate kibbles are made only from the cacao bean with no other ingredient added. This makes it a perfect fix for the people who want to enjoy their chocolate without the addition of any sugars or sweeteners. For those wanting a little sweetness in their chocolate, we also offer a 70% chocolate kibble, made from only two ingredients: the cacao bean and organic coconut sugar sap. Rich, tasty and with the same mouth-feel as sweetened chocolate, the kibbled form we supply (like a chocolate crumb) is perfect for quick and easy melting, for use in baking, in raw treats, desserts, hot chocolate drinks or for eating as a snack by itself or mixed with nuts.

The Keto and the high-fat, low-carb diets have taken the world by storm, turning upside down the conventional low-fat, carb focused nutritional dogma that many believe has resulted in so many of the health problems that faced today in western cultures. Many have successfully changed their eating habits to incorporate more healthy fats for energy and minimising carbohydrates, particularly sugars.

Pacific Goodness

Superfood Ingredient’s Chocolate Kibbles are simply made in New Zealand using organically harvested and processed whole cacao beans from the Solomon Islands, roasted to perfection for a rich and full flavoured chocolate and either blended in a conche by itself for making our 100% Chocolate Kibbles, or blended with organic coconut sap for sweetening in our 70% Chocolate Kibbles. Nothing else is added!

The benefits of


The benefits of the flavonoids contained within the cocoa mass have been the subject of much study as we try to understand some of the health benefits that can be enjoyed by eating cacao products. Studies have looked into the effects that these flavonoids may have from helping to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, to its cardiovascular benefits and anti-ageing properties. Added to this are its other nutritional benefits derived from its content of various minerals.

Cacao Bean Phytochemicals

The cacao bean contains a rich source of antioxidising phytochemicals such as epicatechins and procyanidins along with a range of alkaloids such as theobromine, phenethylamine and caffeine known for their stimulant properties. These all provide a range of health benefits.

Epicatechins: Cacao beans are recorded as being the richest source of all foods analysed for the flavonoid epicatechin. Apart from being a good antioxidant, studies have also looked into the benefits in cardiovascular health that these epicatechins may provide, and in particular its beneficial effect on vascular function and on blood pressure levels.

Procyanidins: Also present in aronia berries, grape seeds and skins, red wine and açai oil, the cacao bean again stands apart as containing the highest concentration of this highly antioxidising flavonoid compound. Procyanidins have been found to suppress production of a protein endothelin-1 that constricts blood vessels, and is thought to be the principle vasoactive polyphenol that gives rise to the well known French Paradox of red wine and its documented effect in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease.

Alkaloids: Theobromine is the principle alkaloid found in cacao beans, and as its name indicates, this alkaloid is named after the cacao plant, being one of its principle sources. In medical applications Theobromine is used as a vasodilator, a diuretic and as a heart stimulant. Because of its diuretic effect and its ability to dilate blood vessels, theobromine has been used to treat high blood pressure. Like caffeine, theobromine is a stimulant, although has a lesser impact on the human central nervous system whilst stimulating the heart to a greater degree.

A Rich Nutrient Content

100g of cacao mass will provide more than the RDI for iron, magnesium, manganese and phosphorous, and a good part of the RDI for zinc. We must not forget also the rich vitamin and mineral content of the cacao pulp and the rich source of oleic and stearic fatty acids found in the cacao butter.


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Almost everyone today has heard of the keto diet. Becoming more conscious about the ingredients in the food we eat has made many realise just how much we consume in the way of sugars added to the vast majority of snack foods. Some snacks are hard to go without however, and for many this is especially true of chocolate!


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