Rediscovering nature’s bounty, Superfood Ingredients specializes in global wholesale supply of nutritious, natural and sustainably harvested superfoods from around the world.


Superfood Ingredients has a vision to offer good nutrition from natural sources in its range of superfood ingredients, to be used by manufacturers in the food, beverage, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industries across the globe. SFI aims to provide these naturally nutritious ingredients to its customers in a wide range of derivative formats, aiming to tailor these ingredients where possible to the customer’s needs. By introducing these exotic ingredients to manufacturers it is hoped that Superfood Ingredients will provide a means to facilitate the production of innovative, nourishing and wholesome foods, drinks or supplements that will encourage people to eat a healthy and varied diet.

SFI offers a powerhouse of natural ingredients

Superfood Ingredients’ carefully selected range of products have been individually picked with a focus on a set of key criteria which includes good nutrition, good functionality, sustainable sourcing and for being supportive of local communities. The result is an exciting range of superfoods!

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