This initiative has been set up to provide a means by which funds can be transparently directed to these projects and as such, SFI welcomes support from companies or individuals that wish to participate further in this cause.

SFI’s current project to which its donations are directed is the Acaté Amazon Conservation project, whose mission it is to preserve the Amazon Rainforest in partnership with its protectors. Integral to this is working closely with the Matsés people of Peru in promoting self-sufficiency, providing the tools for a sustainable existence and future, protecting the natural resources of the rainforest and also protecting the healing knowledge of the forest passed down through the generations. For more information about this amazing project please visit the link provided here:

If you would like to learn more about SFI’s Amazon Support Initiative please email us at - we will be delighted to tell you more!


Superfood Ingredients’ Amazon Support initiative is designed to give back to the marginalised communities from which its Amazonian products are sourced. It does this by way of donating a % of the cost of the products sourced from the Amazon and applying the funds to the projects that it supports in this region. This means that any customers buying Amazonian superfoods through SFI are automatically contributing to this cause.

Amazon Support Initiative