Wild Harvested by Local Communities

Like many of our Superfood Ingredients, we seek to supply in our range of products foods that are not only beneficial to health, but that are also sourced in such a way that provides real benefits to the local communities from which they are sourced. Our Organic Maqui Berries  (Aristotelia chilensis) are certainly a prime example of this. The Maqui Berry, also sometimes known as the Chilean Wineberry, grows naturally across wide areas of native Patagonian rainforest, estimated to cover 170,000 hectares. Most of the wild harvested Maqui Berries come from an area of the Chilean Andes inhabited by the Mapuche people, a community of indigenous inhabitants of this region, who have been harvesting the amazing Maqui Berry for many centuries.

By working directly with local communities in this way, we are able to help provide an important source of sustainable income to these people, whilst at the same time helping them protect the important resource and environment from which the Maqui Berry is collected.

The Maqui Berry (Aristotelia chilensis) has been valued by the Mapuche people of Patagonia for many centuries as a nourishing food, and more recently as an important source of income and of economic development

Deriving the best of Maqui - Organic Processing

Once the Organic Maqui Berries have been harvested the fruit is quickly taken for processing, so that the benefits of this high antioxidant superfruit are maintained. The method of processing depends on the derivative product: freeze drying to form an Organic Raw Maqui Berry Powder, low temperature air drying to make a Whole Dried Maqui Berry Snack, perfect for adding to cereals or baked goods. The juice is used to make an Organic Maqui Berry Juice Concentrate, for beverage applications, or spray dried to make an Organic Maqui Berry Juice Powder.

The benefits of


Traditionally Maqui Berries have been greatly valued in Chile for their health benefits, believed to increase stamina and reduce fever and inflammation. More recent studies have verified that Maqui Berries provide a rich source of flavonoids, in particular in the form of an anthocyanin called Delphinidin, that is known to be of importance in maintaining good health. It is based on these findings that Maqui Berries, particularly in the form of Organic Freeze Dried Maqui Berry Powder, have had much success in nutraceutical applications, including capsules and dietary health supplements.

The Importance of Delphinidins

The deep purple colour of maqui berries is testament to its high concentration of Anthocyanins, a purple pigment found in plants. Research into the specific breakdown of the Anthocyanins present in Maqui Berry has identified that it is comprised by eight groups of Delphinidin and Cyanidin Glycosides, of which the Delphinidins dominate sitting at over 80% of the total composition. This is of particular interest since studies have found that Delphinidins have an important role to play in promoting good health and protecting against some negative health issues, including:

Hypertension: Delphinidins act to help reduce blood pressure by stimulating the body’s production of nitric oxide, a powerful vasodilator which helps to improve blood flow through the blood vessels.

Cellular Inflammation: There is a strong correlation between cellular inflammation and the onset of some chronic diseases. Diet plays a large role in cellular inflammation as it can be aggravated by foods with high levels of trans fats, low quality fats and high glycemic levels. Delphinidins have been found to be beneficial in reversing these effects, and reducing cellular inflammation.

Diabetes: Studies indicate that Delphinidins help to regulate blood sugar spikes experienced when glucose intolerant individuals consume high glycemic starchy foods.

Maqui as an Antioxidant Superberry

Numerous studies have been conducted showing the health benefits that we derive from consuming a diet rich in antioxidants, including cardiovascular health and the lowering of LDL cholesterol. Maqui berries provide an important source of antioxidants, with 100g of fresh berries providing an ORAC level of 28,200 µmol TE. Like other high antioxidant superberries, Maqui Berries are a great addition to a healthy diet.

Maqui Berries as a Nutrient Dense Food

Aside from the health benefits related to the antioxidants in Maqui Berries, it is important to note that Maqui Berries are also an important source of other nutrients vital for a well balanced diet. The table here provides nutritional information for our Organic Maqui Berry Juice Concentrate.

Organic Maqui Berry Nutrition Table


The various Maqui Berry products are supplied for wholesale in bulk format, as follows:

Wholesale Organic Freeze Dried Maqui Berry Powder: 20kg cartons

Wholesale Organic Spray Dried Maqui Berry Juice Powder: 25kg cartons

Wholesale Organic Maqui Berry Juice Concentrate: 25kg or 200kg drums

Wholesale Organic Whole Dried Maqui Berries: 10kg cartons

Wholesale Maqui Berry Seed Oil: 3.75kg containers

Wholesale Maqui Berry Capsules: 1,000 capsule per carton

Some further detail on each product format and their possible applications in the Food, Beverage, Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical sectors is provided below. Some more information about our maqui products and applications can also be seen here in English Maqui EN and here in Korean Maqui KR

Organic Freeze Dried Maqui Berry Powder

Once the Maqui Berries are harvested they are fresh frozen ready for secondary processing. Freeze Drying is one of the best ways of drying these berries; because the anthocyanins and other polyphenols in the Maqui Berry are heat sensitive, by drying the fruit at low temperatures during the freeze drying process, there is only minimal loss in antioxidants and nutrition, making the freeze dried powder highly functional and ideal for nutraceutical and powder supplement applications, as well as any applications for which antioxidant claims need to be made. Since this powder has no ingredients added, and has nothing removed other than the water, it is a pure natural powder with a good fiber content. Freeze Dried Maqui Powder is shelf stable and can be stored at ambient temperature.

Organic Maqui Berry Juice Powder

Our Organic Maqui Berry Juice Powder is an ideal format for beverage applications, or superfruit mixes intended for adding to water, as this product presents good solubility in water. The juice of the powder is extracted and then spray dried with the help of a drying aid (maltodextrin). Although this powder does not present the same levels of antioxidants as the freeze dried maqui berry powder, it does still provide the flavour and colour of Maqui, along with many of the nutritional benefits. Maqui Juice Powder is shelf stable and can be stored at ambient temperature.

Organic Maqui Berry Juice Concentrate

Our Organic Maqui Berry Juice Concentrate is made by extracting the juice of the freshly harvested maqui berry, and then concentrating this to a ratio of 4:1 (juice : concentrate). Once concentrated the resulting deep purple liquid is frozen, ready to be used in the food and beverage industry for making high antioxidant juices, ice-creams, yoghuts and desserts. This product provides all of the goodness, flavour and colour that you would wish from a superfruit without any other ingredients added.

Organic Whole Dried Maqui Berries

Superfood Ingredient’s Organic Whole Dried Maqui Berries are a new addition to our range. When picked the maqui berry is about half the size of a blueberry with some small seeds within the berry. These berries are then air dried (with the addition of some sunflower oil to prevent them from becoming brittle) to form whole dried maqui berries that have the full flavour of the berry. The berries are soft and chewy with a crunch provided by the seeds. About the size of a peppercorn once dried, these are great as snacks by themselves, or as a good addition to cereals, cereal bars, baked goods such as muffins and cakes, or mixed in desserts or smoothies.

Maqui Berry Seed Oil

Superfood Ingredient’s Maqui Berry Seed Oil is a cold pressed oil, extracted from the seed of the Maqui Berry. This oil, dark green in colour, is used for cosmeceutical applications, favoured for its excellent content of Linoleic Acid (45 - 50%), Oleic Acid (36 - 42%) and Palmitic Acid (6 - 10%), making it a desirable ingredient in skin care and hair care applications.

Maqui Berry Capsules

Superfood Ingredients offers a range of Maqui Berry capsules, combining the goodness of Organic Freeze Dried Maqui Berry Powder with other Chilean superfoods:  Maqui Berry, Collagen & Rosehip; Maqui Berry & Omega 3; Maqui Berry & Propolis.

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When searching for a high antioxidant superfruit to add to a health regime, for good reason Organic Maqui Berries receive particular interest. These small purple berries that grow in the pristine environment of the Patagonia highlands in Chile provide an exceptional source of antioxidants, mainly in the form of anthocyanins, the purple pigment that gives Organic Maqui Berries its vibrant colour.


MAQUI BERRIES organic wild harvested

Organic Maqui Berries