Wholefood Powders / Grains / Seeds

Ancient Grains:Amaranth, Chia, Quinoa, Teff (Org)

Baobab Powder (Organic)

Barley Leaf Powder (Organic)

Brazil Nut Powder

Cacao Powder, Nibs, Beans, Butter (Organic)

Cashew Nut Powder

Chocolate Kibbles 100% Dark (Organic, Keto)

Chocolate Kibbles 70% Dark (Organic)

Coconut Milk Powder (Organic)

Coconut Water Powder (Organic)

Instant Chia Seed Powder (Organic)

Fig Fibre Powder

Grape Seed Powder (Organic)

Grape Skin Powder (Organic)

Lucuma Powder (Organic)

Maca Powder (Organic)

Matcha Green Tea Powder (Organic)

Mesquite Powder (Organic)

Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder

Pea Protein Powder (Organic)

Purple Corn Powder (Organic)

Rice Protein Powder (Organic)

Sacha Inchi Powder and Seeds (Organic)

Turmeric Powder (Organic)

Wheat Leaf Powder (Organic)

Yacon Powder (Organic)

Fermented Foods

Fermented Grape Skin Powder (Organic)

Fermented Probiotic Superfood Powder (Organic)

Fermented Probiotic Mushroom Powder

Frozen Purees / Concentrates

Açaí Puree / Puree Concentrate (Organic)

Açaí Clarified Concentrate (Organic)

Açaí Clarified Juice (Organic)

Blackcurrant Juice Concentrate (Organic)

Boysenberry Puree / Juice Concentrate

Goji Juice Concentrate (Organic)

Maqui Puree / Juice Concentrate (Organic)

Syrups / Sugar Alternatives

Agave Powder and Syrup (Organic)

Coconut Palm Sugar (Organic)

Honey Powder

Lucuma Powder (Organic)

Honey Powders (Manuka, HoneyDew, Kamahi)

Mesquite Powder and Syrup (Organic)

Yacon Powder and Syrup (Organic)

Tea Ingredients

Fermented Herbal Tea Infusions (Organic)

Matcha Green Tea Leaf Powder (Organic)

Moringa Tea Leaves (Organic)

Turmeric Tea Infusion (Organic)


Açaí Oil (Organic)

Coconut Oil (Organic)

Sacha Inchi Oil

Many of these products are available with Organic Certification. 

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Looking to nature and local knowledge for intelligent nutrition

Around the world many remote communities have retained the knowledge of the natural resources available to us, and over many centuries have protected this resource for future generations. These same communities are now sustainably harvesting these exotic foods from the wild for modern processing, sharing the nutrition benefits with the rest of the world. By doing so, a cycle of growth and health is being created. This is nutrition at its best, harvesting nature’s goodness sustainably, empowering remote local communities, providing variety and intelligent options for a well balanced and healthy diet. We call this nutrition with a cause, providing truly super foods.

You may notice a strong focus on Amazonian super foods and fruits. Superfood Ingredients works with a range of organic foods that have been sustainably grown by Brazilian, Peruvian, Chilean and Bolivian family owned farms or wild harvested from nature. This is because Superfood Ingredients has a specialized in trying to source ethical foods - that is, foods that are sustainable, natural and help the communities from which they come in the Amazon and other South American communities. This is a great way, we believe, to be helping the people of these areas whilst also being able to offer people around the world access to these health foods. The nutritional benefits of superfoods are becoming more widely known as new studies start to emerge and consumers become more aware of heath and nutrition, and the role our diet plays in our wellbeing. Just see the rapid increase in demand for organic foods, natural foods and add to this peoples’ search for food that is also ethically sourced and sustainable. Superfood Ingredients has taken all of this into account as it created its range of products. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!


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